What is RIQUEZA ? Que es RIQUEZA?

Riqueza is a Financial Powerhouse dedicated to providing financial education, coaching, community & support to our next-generation of wealth builders.

Riqueza is the Spanish word for wealth. Because wealth is the freedom we desire to attain in order to break systemic barriers that have been placed against us.

Riqueza es una potencia financiera dedicada a brindar educación financiera, asesoramiento, comunidad y apoyo a nuestra próxima generación de creadores de riqueza.

Nuestra compañía se llama Riqueza porque la riqueza es la libertad que deseamos alcanzar para romper las barreras sistémicas que se nos han impuesto.

What is the Riqueza Club? Que es la Riqueza Club? 👀

The Riqueza Club is a community centered on creating a safe space to talk about dinero not only with transparency but without shame or guilt. Because we are a trauma-informed practice, this means that we acknowledge that there is trauma associated with our relationship of money. 
This space is focused on wealth activism, community, education and wellness.

La Riqueza Club es una comunidad centrada en crear un espacio seguro para hablar de dinero no solo con transparencia sino sin vergüenza ni culpa. Debido a que somos una práctica informada sobre el trauma, esto significa que reconocemos que existe un trauma asociado con nuestra relación de dinero. 

Este espacio se centra en el activismo por la riqueza, la comunidad, la educación y el bienestar.

What happens inside the club? 🤑

Inside our community you get ALL the PERKS like:
  • Enrolled into our Riqueza Weekly Newsletter 🗞️
  • Bi-Monthly Group Coaching 
  • Monthly Fireside chats with Guests
  • The latest news on events & workshops
  • Discounts on services & courses
  • Money mindset trainings & meditations
  • Access to our Crecer Book Club
and the list goes on. This is a so ever evolving community, so join to see the latest of what's been going on!